Why Choose Us

Dewitt Tilton Group practices Design-Build for three main reasons.

Design Build - Speed


The big-picture goal is to get you to your next project faster. That means completing the current project as efficiently as possible.

Dewitt Tilton Group has a complete in-house staff of architects and engineers making the design process move at warp speed and fewer contracts to juggle.

Our business management services will start matching up tenants before we even break ground. Clients can begin pre-leasing and account for buildouts, making the whole process more efficient and cost-effective. All tenants can open and start operating on the same day as the building Certificate of Occupancy.

With traditional methods, leasing, and buildouts will not occur until the project is completed. This means owners may have to wait months before opening. The Design-Build process is a win-win for everyone!

Time is Money
Faster Returns on Investment
Quicker Revenue Streams


Keeping the designer and builder under one contract gives the client a single point of contact for the entire project. This leads to less miscommunication, smoother resolution of issues and better collaboration on a single team.

With no bidding phase, months of waiting and assessing are eliminated.

For multi-pad construction, potential tenants can be located, pre-leased and built out during building construction instead of waiting for the building to be complete and then starting the process.

Dewitt Tilton Group Pre Build Process
Design Build - Ease


With Dewitt Tilton Group as your single point of contact, we act as a hub through which all parties involved communicate.

Dewitt Tilton Group

  • Maintains an inventory of available land and offers real estate services to find and purchase land for your project.
  • Has countless designs for most small- and mid-sized projects to choose from, with customizable surfaces and exteriors.
  • Communicates with you as much as you prefer during construction and shows you how everything works when we are done.
  • Handles the tedious paperwork and attends compliance inspections
  • Makes sure everything works before handing you the keys

Dewitt Tilton Group has been a Design Build practitioner for 10 years. We use it because it works.