Our Process

How it works

Our process is focused on efficiency. With the Design-Build method, the parts start moving forward in harmony from day one. And we keep you informed and involved — as much as you want to be — from the start. You only have one contractor to deal with and that is us!

Dewitt Tilton Group Pre Build Process


Clients can find available land on our website, or we will help you find the right location. We work with our partners to find the right building design for your needs. We offer wood, steel, and pre-engineered metal buildings. Your design or ours, we will work in any scenario.

Once the land and building design are confirmed, we go to work on permits and paperwork. Our existing relationships and experience with regional government agencies ensure smooth compliance. We will even advocate for you at local planning board appearances if necessary.

From the start, we keep a close eye on the schedule and budget, with a confirmation of both before starting to build.


Our experienced Superintendents keep your project on schedule and within budget like it was their own. Methodical communication keeps contractors focused, and we handle official site inspections with local authorities.

Dewitt Tilton Group Construction
Dewitt Tilton Group Finishing Up Project

Finishing up

As the project quickly draws to a close, we conduct a walkthrough and create a (shorter than average) punch list for final details. We also assist with your Certificate of Occupancy and any final compliance matters.

After completion

We review all systems with you to ensure you understand them and they operate as intended:

  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Security
  • Irrigation

We even track your warranties and throw you a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the grand opening to celebrate your success!

When you are a Dewitt Tilton Group client, you are a friend for life.

After Project Completion Review